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Pay Per Click Management

Many clients with a Pay Per Click (PPC) account find that they have little or no idea as to the potential they are missing out on in terms of additional low cost traffic. In most cases we can help to convert a cash flow negative campaign into a cash flow positive campaign.

Paid advertising has, in general terms, become increasingly competitive, particularly with the advent of Google places. Many clients find that the organic traffic they previously received as a result of listings in position two and below on Google results pages has been reduced by up to 70%.
Our objective is to restore and to maintain growth through the provision of cost effective PPC management to ensure stability for the business in times of uncertainty whilst helping to reduce advertising spend and increase revenues.
Clearly this is a significant task and to be honest it is not always that straightforward to achieve. We are, however, fortunate in having some exceptional minds at SEO Perspective and often find ways of achieving the near impossible.
Every campaign we deliver has been highly tested and measured in terms of return on investment (ROI) and, once delivered, will be closely monitored to ensure continuity going forward.

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