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Case Study

Case Study


The only case study we provide is that of our own given all client information is strictly confidential.

The SEO Perspective website is page one on Google for many highly competitive keywords, as follows:

SEOP ranking
How Did We Do It

Our team of highly productive UK journalists currently produce over 800,000 words a month of content, and in 2014 we published some 10 million words. We have published over 100,000 words  across 200+ pages of content for our website, in order to achieve page one for search terms with 40 million pages listed on Google.

We then promote these pages across several social media platforms as well as publish Feature Content and Press Release content on the internet to improve our company SEO ranking.

Measuring Success

Collectively the above fifteen search terms that SEO Perspective is top three for on Google generates more than 9,841 searches a month, and delivers highly targeted visitors to OUR company website. If we had to generate traffic using Google Adwords, given the average cost per click for these keyword ranges from £6 to £12 per click, 1000 visits a month would cost us £6,000 to £12,000 a month in advertising.

Way Forward
We receive enquiries from many companies wanting to achieve the same results for their company website. The answer is SEO Perspective only offer a service we actually use ourselves.

Effectively this means, our UK journalists produce extensive volumes of high quality content, practically a daily basis, SEO team team then promote this content across Guest Blog and Press Release websites, and our social media team promote the content throughout the social media platforms.

We offer a Free assessment to identify what is required a for your website leverage the content, SEO and SMM services to propel your site to page one.

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