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Content Writing FAQ


Q: How much control can we have over the focus of the blog pieces you write for us?

A: As much as you wish. Some of our clients provide only an outline set of guidelines and we otherwise work to a general brief. Other clients provide us with detailed titles, descriptions and in some cases keywords. We work flexibly and can accommodate requirements at all points on the spectrum.


Q: Are your writers really in-country?

A: Yes. We have always had a strategy of sourcing writers and editors in the relevant country. Whilst many content firms will claim to do so, the reality is that the use of off-shore writers has reached epidemic proportions in the industry because the economics appear so attractive. The reality, however, is that content produced by anyone other than a genuine native speaker usually requires more re-work than is viable.


Q: Can we be sure the content is unique?

A: Yes. We use the industry standard to check for any matches with the source material used by the writers. This technology uses the Google index to check for any overlaps. Unlike many other firms, we don’t simply rely upon the Copyscape API – our editorial team use the Copyscape Premium interface to check for any matches by hand with a far greater degree of accuracy.


Q: Do you have experience in our industry?

A: Clearly this varies on a case-by case basis but since our inception in 2003, we have worked in the vast majority of B2B and B2C sectors. We operate a complex classification system and hand-allocate all work to our team. This ensures that your work goes to writers best suited to delivering it rather than those with the highest capacity. This is in sharp contrast with the ‘internal market’ approach used by so many content providers wherein the writers choose their work.


Q: What happens if we are unhappy with a piece of content? Will you fix it?

A: Of course. In practice, 95.5% of our content is accepted by clients first time. However, content is inherently subjective and revisions are occasionally required. We want you to be delighted with our work at all times and will adjust as needed.


Q: How do you ensure the content meets our brief?

A: Our systems are among the most advanced in the industry. They ensure that the ‘administrative’ elements of content such as keyword inclusion, formatting, headings, titles, excluded words, link inclusion etc. are rigidly enforced at all times for you. In addition, our commissioning team have decades of experience in translating client requirements into robust, accurate briefs for the team. All work is separately checked and proofed by our editorial team to ensure that by the time we deliver it to you, it should meet your brief and requirements.


Q: How easy it is to brief you?

A: Clearly this depends upon the complexity of your requirements but we pride ourselves on being easier to work with than other providers. We recognise that the vast majority of our clients and digital partners are under time pressure. The sophistication of our systems and processes allows us to provide a range of briefing options, from a simple email through to online ordering or spreadsheets. We can thus determine the fastest possible approach to identifying and agreeing your requirements with minimal impact upon your time.


Q: In what formats can you deliver content?

A: We have a wide range of delivery options, based upon client preferences. These include email, Rich Text Format (RTF) documents, XML, CSS, RSS, Excel and on-demand retrieval from our online systems. We also have a publishing team who can log in a publish content directly via clients’ CMS systems.


Q: How long do you take to deliver?

A: Smaller batches of content can be delivered within a couple of days. Larger batches (in the hundreds) will take a week or two but we will work with you to phase delivery and ensure we meet your deadlines. In general terms it is better to phase delivery of larger batches rather than uploading it in a ‘big bang’ approach. In dire emergency we have been known to deliver same day but this is determined by a range of factors including team availability and is usually reserved for helping clients as best we can when they encounter a problem such as the failure of another supplier.


Q: Can you write SEO content?

A: Yes. We are routinely asked to produce engaging, SEO-focused pieces. Our systems support detailed control over keyword inclusion (even including the location of keywords), together with link inclusion and other essentials.


Q: Can I track the progress of my work?

A: Yes. Clients have 24×7 access to our portal which provides detailed information as to the status of all work in progress. It also allows clients to retrieve content on-demand.


Q: How many writers and editors do you have?

A: We have a registered writer base in the thousands, hundreds of whom are active at any one time.






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