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Article Writing

Online Article Writing: 5 Essential Tips

1. Quality is key

Whatever the purpose of your article, the use of correct grammar and spelling is absolutely essential. Few things deter a reader more than the poor use of grammar, even if the semantics of the piece are compelling. Similarly, the major search engines, including Google, are sensitive to both grammar and spelling, with a commensurate effect on the long term ranking in search engines results pages (SERPs).

2. Garner interest

Instead of simply re-hashing the work of others, ensure that your work is as individual as you and your business. The careful use of inclusive humour and even a slightly idiosyncratic style can turn an average piece into a compelling article. Once again, what is good for the reader is good for the search engines. Several years ago, Google patented a technology known as Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). This complex algorithm is, essentially, designed to extract the meaning from a web page, irrespective as to the way in which it may or may not have been optimised with keywords and so forth. How much of LSI is currently in use is a matter of debate but this is a very clear signal that the search engine giant is not only looking for textual uniqueness but for originality.

3. Hone your writing skills

None of us are perfect. Even writers with decades of experience in delivering copy at the highest level will admit that there is potential for improvement. Indeed the best writers are those who are never entirely satisfied with their output and who constantly seek advice and input from peers and experts in their respective industry sectors. Don’t settle for being one page ahead of the crowd. Go for a chapter at a minimum.

4. Seek inspiration

We are surrounded by inspiration but for those tasked with producing articles in high quantity or in niche subject areas, writer’s block is a very real issue. Few things are quite as disheartening as a blank document with a blinking cursor in the top left corner. None of us operate in a vacuum. Look at the work and activity of others. Walk away from the computer and sit down with a cup of coffee. A few minutes later you will probably struggle to type quickly enough as the ideas flood in.

5. Seek to inspire

Few professionals have very much free time and your readers are spending their valuable time at your behest. Don’t be satisfied with merely informing or educating. What are you really trying to achieve in producing an article? Is there a call to action and have you earned it? Go the extra mile and write something that may be provocative, entertaining, amusing, thought provoking, worrying, reassuring, calming – or any of the above. Just make sure it isn’t average.

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