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Blog Writing: Engaging the User

The term “blog” originated as a contraction of “web log”, indicating a regularly updated diary style series of relatively short entries. Whilst, for many bloggers, this definition remains true, the use of the term has broadened and today’s blog posts now serve two primary purposes.

Guest blogging

Given the widespread recognition as to the need for relevant, high quality links to a website in achieving and sustaining ranking in the major search engines, an entire industry now serves the demand for guest blog posting. Whilst quality varies widely, this strategy, if used effectively, can sometimes assist in building visibility and ranking, particularly in the early days of a new site.

A guest blog post is essentially a trade: the blogger writes a decent piece of content and provides it without charge to a third party website in a relevant industry. The blog post will include one or more carefully constructed and relevant links back to the client’s site. This is a win-win: the publishing or ‘placement’ site gets some decent, free of charge content; the blogger’s site (or that of their client) gains a relevant link, within content, from a relevant website.

Google has some fairly strict rules with regard to linking and guest blogging, not least of which is that any such placements must never be paid for. They must be wholly relevant, passing the test “would you have organised this link if the search engines didn’t exist?”

The on-going Google Penguin updates are specifically designed to eradicate ‘artificial’ links and those that fall foul of Google’s relevancy, qualitative or ethical sourcing guidelines. Any such, the content (and the links placed therein) must thus be written with this in mind.

Clearly, for a placement site to be willing to publish a piece, it must be written to the highest standards and must add genuine value to the site’s readership. We have explored the requirements for web copy writing elsewhere here on our site and all of these guidelines must be adhered to.

On-site blogging

Long since evolved from pure web logs, on-site blogs now include an array of material ranging for industry-relevant news through to company announcements, press release summaries, advisory and informational pieces.

There is little doubt that fresh (ideally daily) additions to a site’s blog will attract the right kind of attention from users and search engines alike. The very fact that a site is putting the effort into providing frequent additions to its blog sends a very clear message: we’re here and we’re alive.

Once again, the requirements common to all web copy writing apply to blog content: unique, insightful, entertaining, engaging and, above all, relevant.

Relevance can, to some extent, be influenced by the gentle inclusion of appropriate keywords, reflecting the search terms used by your audience. Keyword control is a discipline in its own right and the multi-disciplinary SEO team here at SEO Perspective has years of experience in adhering to search engine guidelines and best practice in this regard.

It can sometimes seem daunting to continually find something meaningful to say in a blog. Our writing team are able to accurately work to a brief in ensuring appropriate subject coverage, tone of voice, style and, of course, relevance.

Widely held to be the safest of all elements of an SEO strategy, no site should be without an up to date blog.

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