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Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimisation is as important as optimising your Google AdWords ads. There are a wide range of factors in the Google relevancy algorithm but by no means all of these have been publicly disclosed by Google. As search marketing professionals, the team at SEO Perspective has years of experience in formulating effective AdWords campaigns and in refining landing pages to ensure optimum performance.


If someone clicks on your ad and finds something which is not directly related to the ad they clicked on, they have just wasted the time spent on the click. Worse still, they have also wasted some of your precious AdWords budget.

Your ads may have a really strong click through ratio (CTR) but if the price of the conversion is terrible, there are some fundamental issues with your campaign, your landing page, or both. Imagine you were placing ads for a Harry Potter book but had linked the ad to one of your Blog posts about a book on Syria.

Sounds ridiculous perhaps but this level of disconnect is not unusual in poorly conceived AdWords campaigns.


Clearly, you must link the ad to the page with the greatest relevance to ensure the best possible conversion ratio. Creating effective landing pages is thus as important as the creation of effective copy for your ads. Always test your own ideas and the layouts of the landing pages, but to properly understand what really sparks interest and results in higher conversion ratios may require fairly extensive industry and competitive analysis.

Our team can work with you in identifying issues with your current landing pages and in proposing suitable changes. As a multi-disciplinary firm, this may include improvements to the underlying source code; qualitative changes to the on-page text and keyword density; enhancing the visibility and effectiveness of the page’s call to action (CTA) elements; and many other factors.

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