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Lead Generation Explosion: Quick Guide to Using Paid Social Amplification

Most people understand the importance of social media for promoting their content and building their brand, but for a great many marketers social media is simply something that is used as a word-of-mouth marketing tool, with the bulk of their ad budget going on paid search and PPC, rather than on growing their social media profiles. This is unfortunate, because the potential for return on social media marketing can be massive.

Social amplification is a powerful technique which can massively expand your lead generation capacity. A growing number of marketers are realising this, and last year, around 65% of marketers increased their social media ad budgets so that they could grow their profiles online.

How Your Reach Expands
When you use paid services to amplify the reach of your social media profiles, the benefits do not stop with just adding the number of users that you paid to reach. Those users, assuming they are well-targeted and active members of the social media site in question, will have friends themselves who will see your content when they like, share and comment on it. This is where the real benefit comes from.

When you amplify a post on Facebook, for example, you can specify who you want to see the post. You have a choice of reaching friends of people who already like your profile, boosting your content so that a larger number of your existing users see it, or boosting your content through targeting options such as age, gender, location or even device. These options can help you ensure that the people who see your content are likely to engage with it. Those people will most likely have friends with similar interests, and you could potentially even reach friends of friends – or spread the content even further if it is good enough.

The Dream of Viral Marketing
Paid social amplification can help to give good content the push that it needs to become viral. Not all content will go viral, even if it is very good. Any good SEO company in the UK will tell you that you need the right combination of quality, timing and luck to have your content really take off. However, boosting your best content will increase your reach, and thereby give you more leads to work with. Over time you will have a stronger audience of fans and followers, and organic growth will become easier.

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