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Search vs Social for the Travel Industry

A study by Kenshoo, focused on the travel industry, has found that search is the most important starting point for consumers who are planning trips and making reservations, but it is social media that informs consumers.

According to the study, 58% of leisure travellers, and a slightly bigger percentage (64%) of business travellers, start their research using search. Interestingly enough, mobile search is important, with one in four tablet users actually completing their air travel bookings on their tablet device. However, social media is an important part of the booking process too, with 51% of travellers using social media as a part of their decision-making process. Asians appear to be more interested in social media than people from other parts of the world, with 70% of Asians using social media for inspiration and information.

The travel industry has a higher CTR than any other industry. In fact, the CTR for travel and leisure as a whole was 79% higher than the CTR for the other industries that were studied. It is particularly interesting to note that not only was the CTR higher, but the searchers who generated the best CTR were luxury travel searchers, who also tend to have the highest intent. The CPC for last-minute travel and air travel in general is quite low, and the CTR for those searches is quite high, making it a potentially profitable sector.

The Importance of Intent
Understanding searcher behaviour is never easy. The study conducted by Kenshoo examined several different industries, and it is interesting to note how strong searcher intent is in the travel sector. Harnessing long tail keywords and searcher intent is an essential part of successful promotion in the online marketing space. Paid search can be an expensive marketing technique if you target the wrong keywords, because it is all too easy to attract clicks from searchers that already own a product, or who are simply looking for information. By using long tail keywords, or bidding on phrases that indicate a clear intent – such as ones where the searcher is looking for a discount code, or clearly states that they are looking to buy, you can reduce the number of wasted clicks.

Kenshoo’s research highlights how different behaviour can be between industries, and will prove invaluable for marketers who want to improve their CTR and conversion rate. If you work in an industry other than travel and leisure, you can still learn from the figures that they have posted. Take a look at your own analytics data: which searchers are converting best? How much are you paying per click? Do you have a strong social media presence?

Today, consumers want more information than ever before. They want to be better informed and to have more access to brands than ever before. You will need to leverage both search marketing and social media marketing to reach them. Why not bring in the assistance of London SEO consultants to build a rounded online marketing strategy for your niche?

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