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Local SEO

Local SEO

If you are small business owner and have a product or service that is competitively priced, user-friendly and in-demand but is not selling as it should, this may suggest that your website is not correctly optimised. SEO Perspective can help.

You may be missing out on valuable traffic from your target market. If you feel that you have already optimised your site but traffic levels remain low, there is a very good chance that you need assistance with local search engine optimisation (local SEO).

Local presence

Local SEO requires in-depth knowledge of your target market, whether in terms of language, culture or simply the buying habits of your target demographic. This specialist knowledge may add to your SEO budget but its absence will adversely affect sales and overall business performance.

Appearing in Google’s local search results requires the application of a number of proven optimisation techniques but can drive accurately targeted traffic. For restaurants, retailers, local service providers and a host of other locally-focused businesses, the potential benefits are significant.

Consumer feedback

Local SEO sometimes involves encouraging customers to provide feedback. Good or bad, this can have a positive effect on search ranking and on credibility. SEO perspective can work with you to refine the feedback process, identifying the points at which it is most appropriate to ask for feedback and in defining strategies to mitigate any negative feedback.

Feedback recorded in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other social sites improves your visibility and social mentions. Poor reviews, if correctly handled, often represent an opportunity to demonstrate a customer-focused approach in addressing any issues raised. They also serve to lend credibility to positive reviews.

Contact information

The inclusion of contact telephone number, email addresses for the relevant departments, such as sales and service and the provision of a postal contact address all lend further credibility. Your postal address is also important in achieving relevant presence in Google Places.


If you have multiple outlets, each requires its own local SEO activities to ensure that you maximise your visibility in the search results. SEO Perspective can work with you to define and implement a multi-local strategy, with relevant landing pages, search keyword optimisation and much more.

The SEO Perspective team has years of experience in working with local businesses, identifying and refining target locations and search terms and in optimising on and off-page to ensure the best possible local SEO, resulting in improved visibility in local searches.

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