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In simple terms, you have 10 times more potential to grow your business via social media management (SMM) than with pure-play natural search, provided that you know what to do and how to do it.

You can be forgiven for thinking that social media is about being active every day, sending promotions and answering questions about your services on the social platforms.

To a small extent this is one way of using social media to promote your services, however the more advanced methods do not really require that much of your time and more importantly get other people talking about your services to all of their friends and family.

Get Facebook and Twitter management right and you will leverage an entirely new marketing ethos. Our SMM team here at SEO Perspective have the creative minds to ensure you achieve the desired results.

Without going into too much painful detail, one basic method for getting thousands of social media users to promote your service to their friends and family is to prepare a comprehensive report covering the most important questions and answers any potential client should know before buying a particular service.

Now give your prospective clients a free copy of the report, on the condition that they send a message to all of their friends on Facebook or Twitter. Very quickly you will expose thousands of potential clients to your services at no additional cost.

In fact it is quite common to find your business expanding on a global scale before you are ready for it, so you should be aware that SMM must be carefully managed in order to deliver incremental value rather than creating problems.

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