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Twitter offering New Features for Advertisers

Twitter has not disclosed much about how its advertising network really  operates, but in a recent presentation aimed at advertisers the  microblogging platform offered some interesting insights into how  Twitter Ads work and what the company has planned for the next several  months.

Twitter aims to offer far more than just text and image ads. The company has 248 million monthly active users, and it hopes that it will be able to entice more advertisers to use the service – and help those  advertisers reach a large portion of those users. There are currently  just 60,000 advertisers on Twitter but there are 9 million potential  advertisers and Twitter would like to reach as many of those as  possible. Twitter recently launched some new ad formats, and they have  proven very popular – accounting for 29 percent of Twitter’s ad revenue  to date. The social network delivers 185 billion impressions per  quarter, and there are half a million tweets published per day. With so  much activity, it makes sense for advertisers to try the platform.

Video Ads Coming Soon
Twitter has promised that it will launch native video advertising this  year, and it hopes that the service will be available by the summer.  Last year, Twitter integrated Vines and GIFs and added support for  embedding video into the timeline, but now it wants to add support for  recording, editing and sharing videos from within Twitter itself. Videos recorded on Vine have strict length requirements, and Twitter hopes  that users and advertisers will enjoy being able to share longer videos.

Twitter tested native video advertising with a limited number of  advertisers between March and August 2014. The Promoted Video service  sold video ads on a cost-per-view basis and it was found that Tweets  with native video had much better engagement than those with video  links.

Twitter emphasized that while the user base of logged-in users is  somewhere around 248 million per month, there are another 500 million  users who view Tweets that are not logged in to a Twitter account when  they do so. Syndicated content viewers and viewers who are using the  mobile app version of the platform are worthy of consideration too, as  many companies offering SEO in the UK have already noticed. Twitter is a great option for advertisers looking to reach a wide audience. The  targeting options are not as sophisticated as they are on Facebook, but  engagement is good, and with video it is only likely to get better.

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