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Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Bing Ads

The world of paid search is changing, rapidly. While Google is still the most powerful force in both organic search and paid search, Bing is becoming an increasingly powerful contender. In fact, in April of this year it hit 20 percent market share in the USA, more than double the market share it had back in 2009. The growth in the popularity of Windows Phone and the planned integration of Cortana into Windows 10 will only help that figure to grow even further.

Improved Remarketing
Bing is not quite as popular in the UK as it is in the USA but there are many other reasons why SEO companies in the UK cannot afford to ignore the search engine. Universal Event Tracking, for example, is a powerful and appealing feature. This feature makes it easy for webmasters to differentiate between goals for remarketing, taking into account visit duration, the page in question, number of pages viewed per visit, and events. Advertisers can take advantage of cross-device tracking, to ensure that they have an understanding of when the same user views an ad on more than one device.

Improved Automation
At the beginning of June, Bing launched Automated Rules, a feature which allows advertisers to define rules to change budgets and bids, and launch or end specific ads at a certain time on a particular day. This time-saving quality-of-life feature is something that will save advertisers from a lot of the administrative burdens that have plagued the paid search service until now. This, combined with a powerful campaign planning tool, brings the service up to par with Google’s advertising system in many ways.
To reach mobile users, Bing has launched an iOS ad management app, and also offers “App Extensions” so that searchers can download mobile apps simply by clicking on the ad for the app.

Google still leads the way in terms of analytics and keyword research features, and it will take a long time for any service to close that gap. It also has a bigger install base of AdSense publishers, but the reach of those ads is finite – massive, but finite. Advertising on another platform allows SEO companies and brand owners to reach another pool of users, some of which may rarely visit the Google ecosystem. That alone is a good reason to take a look at the Bing Platform.

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