January 31, 2018

Facebook Advertising Management

This social media platform is commanding over 700% more viewing time than Google, which means you cannot afford to ignore the inherent pay per click (PPC) marketing opportunity.

The strategies required to deliver results are without doubt more refined and need greater attention to detail than traditional organic and paid activity streams. The Facebook PPC advertising media is more complex and because the ultimate objective of the platform is to retain visitors rather than direct them away to visit an external website, successful marketing using this platform requires the provision of a finely tuned Facebook fan page.

In addition, you will find that adverts on Facebook tend to get very limited display time which can be somewhat frustrating. Fortunately the extensive research and training undertaken by our Facebook advertising team ensures that we can deliver exceptional results for our clients.

One particularly interesting and unique element of this advertising platform is the ability to target specific demographics in terms of age, gender, education and other preferences.

The in house team at SEO Perspective will certainly provide a refreshing alternative to other social media management (SMM) and PPC services and are happy to provide the following:

  • An Account Audit.
  • Multilingual PPC (Spanish, French, Italian, English).
  • Facebook Advertising Design
  • Facebook Advertising Management

Our PPC service provides

Fine-tuned Facebook campaigns to reduce wastage.
Improved click through rate (CTR) and reduced overall cost per click.
Strategic Facebook advertising management to bring in cheaper clicks with higher conversion rates.
Rewritten and refined Ads using tried and tested methods to improve results.

For further details about our highly successful Facebook PPC advertising service and to find out how we may help you, please use the form below:

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