January 31, 2018

Search Engine Services

SEO is a rapidly evolving field. The techniques that worked yesterday may not work today, and could even have a negative effect on the rankings of your website tomorrow. A good SEO company understands this, and treats SEO as part art-form, part science, working to reverse-engineer the algorithms used by Google, whilst at the same time working to build a brand and develop traffic sources beyond the search engines on behalf of clients.

This delicate balance between marketing for search robots and humans is something in which we at SEO Perspective take great pride. Carefully managed third party content placement and brand building and the technical, on-site elements of SEO are an important factor in our strategies, but they are not the only activities upon which we rely. We use content marketing extensively because it is such a versatile and effective tool in the armoury.

Quality Content Brings Quality Visitors

Our team includes writers from the UK, the USA; native English speakers who are highly focused and motivated. Our proofing and editorial teams constantly grade and assess those writers using our own sophisticated dynamic grading systems so that we can be sure our clients are always getting the best work.

Content marketing is a great mechanism for building up your brand and establishing your company as one of the experts in your chosen niche. We use content as both a promotional and a PR tool. By providing keyword rich, informative content for your own website we ensure that the search engines have something to index, and that your visitors will engage with what they see on your site. Time on site (TOS) is an important metric in today’s search engine ranking algorithms.

By providing industry bloggers with high quality guest posts we ensure that you get high quality brand visibility and, in some cases, carefully selected and managed links from strong potential traffic sources in your niche. Acquiring links from authority sites is one of the “science” elements of SEO.

Content Adds Value

A core driver in our philosophy is that the content you create should add value to your website, and give your visitors something that will make them want to return again and again. This is the “art-form” part of SEO. Most people don’t like seeing repeated marketing messages, but if they grow to trust and respect your brand then they will be more receptive to your marketing messages when you offer them. Quality content should include blog posts, infographics, SEO optimised landing pages and more.

Social Media

In addition to content marketing, we use Social Media Marketing (SMM) to engage your followers and build your brand. We have a team of social media experts who can help to manage your accounts, increase their follower count, respond to messages and run social media marketing campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media platforms.

Managing your social media accounts can be a full-time job, so it makes sense to have a team working on your behalf. In the right hands, social media can be a powerful marketing tool and can turn your customers into pro-active brand advocates.

Learn More About SEO

At SEO perspective, we have many years of experience in working with businesses of all sizes. We have seen Google evolve from a simple search provider to a fully featured knowledge engine, and we have an in-depth understanding of what the main search engines really want. We equally understand how rapidly SEO changes and we are happy to share that knowledge and empower business owners to handle some of their own SEO activities.

We offer an SEO Course that will help business owners to understand common terminology, and learn what the search engines are known to be looking for. This course is ideal for any company with a desire to take charge of its website’s rankings, or which simply wants to understand what their current web team is doing for them. Why not contact us today and take the next step in this ever evolving field

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