November 14, 2016

Google Adwords PPC Management

The key benefits in using Google Adwords pay per click (PPC) to generate traffic are that it is instant; it offers the ability to test and measure landing pages before commencing extensive SEO marketing; and it can be fine-tuned to target specific demographics in terms of locality and time of day.

Locality control

As strange as it may seem, many clients new to PPC advertising are not aware that it is possible, for example, to restrict your advert to display only to potential customers within a 15 mile radius of your business. Our team can work with you to refine locality control in accordance with your specific business needs.

Timing control

As an example, you may wish to target potential customers searching for a given product or service between 4pm and 6pm, avoiding irrelevant traffic clicking on adverts after midnight. In addition, you can also pick the specific days of the week during which the advert is to be displayed. Many clients only want adverts displayed on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday therefore avoiding wasted clicks on Friday and Saturday. Once again, our team can work with you to define appropriate controls.

Getting it right

It’s the simple things that often turn a failing Google Adwords campaign into a profitable campaign. These often have the desirable side-effect of Google rewarding you with a lower cost per click, increased traffic and ultimately higher profitability.
We believe it is our unrivalled commitment to delivering profitable Google Adwords campaigns that differentiates us from our competitors. In many cases it is our diligent work ethic and general can-do attitude, together with an in depth understanding of Google Adwords that allows us to deliver exceptional results.
We fully appreciate the often under-utilised capabilities of Google Adwords and are therefore able to provide an innovative and profitable solution.

At SEO Perspective we provide:

    • A thorough audit / research to identify the right keywords to target.
    • Efficient set-up and configuration of each campaign.
    • A dedicated pay per click account manager that gives real time monitoring.
    • Tailored advertising that delivers real time results.
    • Highly tuned campaigns and landing page research to ensure profitability.
    • Detailed monthly reports of all campaigns.
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