January 31, 2018

National SEO

There are many national search engine optimisation (SEO) companies that can help you market your company products or services to the world at large. However, choosing the right firm is critically important for SMB companies who are looking for exponential growth in sales in a specific country or region.

National search engine optimisation is a set of specialised marketing techniques that, correctly employed, have been proven to deliver results. One key element is the top-down focus upon a specific geographic region or country, with considerable emphasis placed upon appropriate search phrases which accommodate localisation and cultural factors.

National SEO attracts specific country-wide purchasers to your products and services. In so doing, it is often appropriate to incorporate the target country in the key search phrases around which your SEO campaign is designed. Although this may arguably constrain and focus traffic, improved relevancy should ensure higher conversion rates and improved long term ranking in the appropriate national search engines, where applicable.

Clearly it is an abject waste of resources and effort to focus on a global audience for any business specifically targeting a given geography. Our multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary team here at SEO Perspective can work closely with you in designing an effective National SEO strategy and in its implementation and on-going refinement.

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