January 31, 2018

SEO Copy Writing

Anyone who has spent more than 5 minutes in the digital environment will almost certainly have heard the expression “content is king”. Indeed with recent changes in the search engine landscape and successive iterations of Google’s Panda updates, many would argue that content is now some form of deity.

SEO Perspective can work with you to devise and deliver against an on-site strategy which will extend the time your users spend on-site (a major SEO ranking criterion in its own right); enhance the degree to which they engage with you; improve their confidence levels; elevate conversion rates and repeat business ratios and, perhaps most importantly, have a dramatic and sustainable effect on your long term search engine rankings.

The simple truth of the matter is that content is critical for users and for the search engines alike. Remember that the majority of the search engines use a text-based indexing approach. The principal way in which they determine your relevance for specific searches is driven by what you are saying – or more specifically – writing.

Content in a competitive landscape

With growing recognition comes competition. A few years ago, it was relatively easy to follow some technical guidelines, create some reasonable quality content and subsequently appear in Google News. Try doing that today and the result will be dramatically different.

As SEO firms and clients alike became aware of the techniques required, Google was force to apply ever more stringent criteria to the point where the doors became effectively closed to anyone other than de facto news sources and the strongest “authority” sites in their respective industries and disciples.

And you’ve guessed it – precisely the same thing is going to happen in mainstream search!

Timing your entry

The search engines have always been sensitive to a site’s historical behaviour and appear to be increasingly so. This applies in equal measure to content as to the other elements of SEO strategy. If presented with two sites of apparently equal merit and content, once with a 5 year history of providing fresh, original content and one with a two month history, which will prevail?

The recent Google Panda updates have added further fuel to the fire. Many other elements of strategy depend upon the provision of fresh, unique, relevant and high quality SEO content.

Writers and editors with the correct pedigree

Our writers and editors are located in-country, a strategy that contrasts sharply with the widespread use of third sector off-shore writers throughout the SEO industry. The majority are educated to Bachelors or above, with a number holding Doctorates in their respective disciplines. From qualified lawyers and accountants through to experienced ecommerce site designers and even writers with expertise in our own industry, we have a substantial multi-disciplinary team ready to deliver engaging content for clients.

Diverse engagements

Some clients require news and daily blog content; others need hundreds or even thousands of category or product descriptions. Our established team and sophisticated processes allow our clients to brief us with ease, without losing control or clarity in the process. We are able to accommodate requirements ranging from high level requests through to prescriptive requirements and detailed briefs. Our clients decide how involved they wish to be.

Leveraging technology

In managing both the volume and the heterogeneous nature of our workload, we exploit an online content production system which automates the administrative elements of the process, allowing our management team, our writers and editors to focus upon the task at hand: producing the best possible content.

Keyword control and balance

The recent Panda updates have emphasised the need for accurate keyword control, a requirement we have long since understood and for which there is unparalleled support in our systems. The search engines are keen to ensure that site owners avoid “over optimising” content through excessive keyword inclusion whilst keeping the content relevant and gently including appropriate search terms to assist users and search engines alike.

From simple density or occurrence control through to detailed location control, our systems support the writing and editing teams in accommodating our clients in this and in a wide range of other “administrative areas.

We can accommodate detailed requirements in tone of voice, formatting, layout, HTML inclusion, link inclusion, templating, exclude / stop words and a host of content delivery mechanisms. We even have the ability to insert custom code to handle highly specific requirements, again automating “administrative” elements without compromising writer focus.

Ultimately, we can define and deliver against almost any client’s SEO content requirements. Our focus is to provide high quality content at accessible price points. Our clients have as much control and input as they wish at all times. Years of experience allow us to combine new client requests with proven, best practice templates and briefing material for the teams in ensuring the best possible outcome.

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