October 14, 2019

Predictive Intelligence

The Predictive Intelligence Software that SEO Perspective uses, is designed to help customers better identify and execute against all intent data signals in their market.

Predictive intelligence simplifies your ability to access multiple intent feeds in order to create the most accurate ABM (Account Based Marketing) targets for your sales and marketing efforts.

We all know that more than 70% of the buyer’s research is done online, therefore predictive intelligence is crucial to understanding and influencing the buyer’s journey. This data produced by SEO Perspective helps marketers identify the shift in buyer behaviour and understand how to get the most out of today’s offerings. You can identify and prioritize accounts, automate the whole process for your ABM strategy.

Predictive Intelligence plus Intent Data gives you Actionable Insights. You can therefore focus on your market strategy and gain full view of your target account. By using this intent data driven software, it not only helps your marketing team to build an efficient and competitive marketing strategy, it also gives your sales team an advantage in shortening the sales cycle.

In addition, it delivers bigger and more lucrative clients that you were not aware of. It presents your sales team with warm qualified leads whereby the lead has expressed an interest in your product or service, confirmed they have budget, indicated they are ready to buy within a given time scale and therefore offers a higher profitability on your sales team productivity.

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